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We provide the keyword strategy you need to succeed online. Selling online doesn't need to be complicated. Our clients are achieving month on month sales growth and you can too. We put your website in front of buyers when they need your products/services most. We save you time & money. 24hr Turnaround Time.

Use our calendar to pre-plan your Ads. The must have tool for working with freelancers and agencies.


  • Get ahead of your competitors

  • Free Full Site Review

  • Personalised Keyword Marketing Calendar (pdf)

  • Great for Google Ads

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  • Great for Pinterest Ads

  • Best Day to Advertise

  • Best Time of Day to Advertise

  • Best Colour to promote

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  • 1yr & 5yr Trends with early alerts

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Product Example

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Case Study - Fashion Retailer

Step 1 - Awareness

We monitored a developing news story and quickly identified that people began searching for a key element linked to the news story. The identified keywords would later become a global talking point. Our early performance indicators showed that buying behaviour was very high. In fact it was red hot.

Step 2 - Rapid Adoption

Company x took the trending keywords and rapidly designed a prototype to bring the product to a global marketplace with an added attraction of the buyer impacting a social cause.

Step 3 - Social Media Currency

The story was beginning to break on social media and its value began to rise quickly but it was not a trending topic. It's social currency went from high to low very quickly. Consumers were ready to buy. The prototype was ready when the customer was ready to buy.


The results are what every retailer dreams of achieving. Online sales soared with orders that were so overwhelming, sales had to be briefly halted to enable order fulfilment. Customers who missed out on the first round of sales were soon able to purchase again. All orders were successfully met.

  • 7000 orders in 3 days!

  • Increased Brand Awareness.

  • Backlinks from - New York Times, Vogue.

  • Increased social media followers

  • Over £12,000 donated to charity from sales.

  • 5 million Twitter Impressions over 30 days.

Performance Point Marketing

Online Marketing has become a fine art. Through rigourous research we have determined with proven evidence that a combination of awareness plus rapid adoption plus social media currency will yield positive results.

Our personalised Keyword Calendars can give your online business the starting point it needs to be successful. Order Today and start reaping the rewards of Performance Point Marketing.

Keyword Calendars gives you the ability to know which keywords to use so that your products/services appear in front of customers when they need them.
With our calendars we you will be able to plan, save money and build brand awareness.

  • Free Full Site Review

  • Trending Keyword Planning Calendar

  • Keywords for Ad Search campaigns

  • Keywords for SEO (Long Term Results)

  • Keywords for social media

  • High Demand Signals (Hot)

  • Low Demand Signals (Cold)

  • 1yr & 5yr Trends with early alerts

  • Best Day to Advertise

  • Best Time of Day to Advertise

  • Best Colour to promote

  • Best Product to Promote

  • Product/Service recommendations

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